2018, 01/18 – Modern Machiavelli with Phil Eager

Phil EagerThe book, “Modern Machiavelli,” claims to teach you smart, social tactics to advance your career and improve your relationships. This book explains how to successfully manage conflict, influence others, and understand the overt and covert dynamics of interpersonal power. It challenges false but commonly held beliefs that undermine personal and career success. Master the unwritten rules of the social game that few understand.

Philip Eager has a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Bucknell University and a master’s degree in education from Pennsylvania State University. His career as a National Board Certified Counselor spans twenty-five plus years. His professional experience includes clinical and executive employment within mid-sized and large corporations in addition to considerable non-profit work. He is currently a Military Family Life Counselor with Magellan Health Care and Director of the Inland Center for Strategic Integrity. Philip’s special areas of expertise include conflict management, effective leadership dynamics, and social media strategy development.


To learn more about Phil Eager and his work, visit www.13-laws.com

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Modern Machiavelli with Phil Eager


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