2018, 01/11 – The Code of Trust with Robin Dreeke

Robin Derek

Photo Credit: Erika Fletcher

Trust is truly the foundation of leadership, but all too often, leadership advice focuses on how leaders can get what they want. The success of the leader is implicitly prioritized above the success of those being led. Robin Dreeke is out to change all that. In The Code of Trust: An American Counterintelligence Expert’s Five Rules to Lead and Succeed (St. Martin’s Press) Dreeke—a former Marine and federal law enforcement professional—lays out his time-tested system that empowers people to become genuinely trustworthy. The Code of Trust is written with Cameron Stauth with a forward by Joe Navarro. Dreeke’s system challenges readers to focus on the needs of others and creating shared goals. Like Extreme Ownership and Leaders Eat Last, The Code of Trust offers specific, actionable advice for how to become an inspiring and effective leader in any area of life. Dreeke has taught his system to law enforcement, military officials, and corporate clients. Now, he brings his system to readers everywhere.

Robin Dreeke entered federal law enforcement in 1997, after graduating from the US Naval Academy and serving in the US Marine Corps. He received advanced training and operational experience in social psychology and in the practical application of the science of relationship development. Eventually he rose to direct the behavioral analysis program in a federal law enforcement agency. Dreeke is currently an agent of the FBI and lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


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