2017, 07/13 – Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers! Life With Women: The Long-Awaited Instruction Manual with author E.A. Barker

Ms. CreantMs. Creant is a book intended to raise our consciousness by asking questions on topics our societies tell us NOT to discuss openly. Sex, equality, politics, and religion are all topics on his conversational table. In researching this book looking for answers to the question: Why do women behave as they do? He discovered some answers which made him take notice of many behavioral patterns.

E. A. Barker believes he is an average middle-age guy who has led a mostly average life. His readers may not agree with his assessment. The single biggest difference between him and most other people, is his pursuit of knowledge. Throughout his life he never stopped asking the simplest question: Why? E. A. fancies himself as a collector of ideas and a purveyor of dot connections. He attempts to present his findings in an entertaining fashion in an effort to encourage people to read—especially men who are reading far too little these days. He is an advocate of education for its ability to affect social reform and actively promotes the idea that a global conscience is possible.


To learn more about E.A. Barker, please visit www.mscreant.eabarker.com

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Life with Women: Instruction Manual with E. A. Barker


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