2014, 10/01 – The Gentle Way of the Heart with Anders Nisson

Anders Nilsson

Scientist Anders Nisson, Ph.D. has been active in academia all his adult life. And, for just as many years, Nilsson has pursued an avid interest in spirituality. He has not followed any one spiritual school or tradition, nor has he studied with a guru, but instead listened to his internal voice and intuition to guide him. He has studied both ancient mystical traditions and the teachings from more contemporary spiritual masters. This blend of spiritual knowledge, when folded together with his scientific background, has formed a unique path to spiritual awakening that combines the mind and heart.

In The Gentle Way of the Heart, Anders Nilsson presents a perspective on how to navigate life guided by the heart. He believes that deep within us a spark of God lives. And, from that spark, Divine Light has the potential to fill our hearts. The challenge is to stay connected to this source of vitality and transformation in the hurried and challenging circumstances of modern life.

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