2014, 02/12 – Personal Responsibility and Hope with Mark Goodkin and Richard Rowland

The first hour welcomes Mark Goodkin for a robust discussion on personal responsibility and it’s role in our society. Mark is a student of philosophy, who is interested in the philosophical foundations of our personal freedoms and republic form of government. He believes that much insight can be gained from philosophy, not only as a way to seek a secular justification for our personal freedom and rights, but also as a moral guide to our actions, whether we consider ourselves spiritual or not.

While Mark is interested in pursuing those personal goals which will help him live a fulfilling life, he is also working to develop and use his gifts and talents to help others and make a difference in the world. Mark believes that many people, whether they consider themselves spiritual or not, at least to some extent, feel the same. However, Mark’s primary interest is in whether we have a moral responsibility to do so? 


To learn more about Mark Goodkin and his work, please visit: http://www.consciousindividualism.com


In the second hour of the show, Eldon will be interviewing Richard Rowland about his book, Unspoken Messages. Richard is a two tour veteran of the Vietnam War, spending his tours at Phu Bai in the I Corp area or northern section of South Vietnam. In 2008, Richard was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer related to exposure to Dioxin (commonly known as Agent Orange). Richard is also a retired Sergeant from the Kentucky State Police after a 28 year career in law enforcement.

Unspoken Messages, is a book about Hope…simply hope. It is a road map for how to live beyond medical expert expectations when you receive an end of life diagnosis. It is about a birth of spirituality in a person that had been living in a black and white, right and wrong, science proven or non-existent world. The book is in two parts with part one being ten short stories or descriptive occurrences revolving around animals which will make you question coincidence. Part two is a journey or road map that shows you how Richard traveled through an end of life diagnosis to a place of peace.


To learn more about Richard Rowland and his work please visit: www.doublerstablesky.com 


To get your copy of Unspoken Messages, please click here.


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